Fantasy RTS Chess

Fantasy RTS Chess is played as a chess with some tweaks:

  1. You move your pieces as in a Real Time Strategy game - you don’t need to wait for opponent to move;
  2. Every move require a resource - mana - beware, some pieces require more mana for a move than others;
  3. If you have no mana, you can’t play a piece, yet you can play pieces that cost more mana if you have at least 1 but you will be blocked for longer since the negative mana should be replenished first;
  4. Each piece has a preparation time at  the beginning of its move, as well as a cooldown time after its move is completed;
  5. Oh, and one final rule - if your mana pool overflow a piece of yours will be destroyed as well as all the mana in it so play fast enough too;

You can play with your friends if you send them a personal code (generated once you create a private game).

The project is still in Alpha so most of the other features are not available.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorEskape 2 Play
Tagsboard, Chess, Pixel Art, Real-Time, Real time strategy

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