V 1.10 - New Ascension

Version 1.10


- Every time you restart your career you are presented by 3 options which you could buy permanent bonuses from: 1) Increase start attribute; 2) Unlock new slots for starting decks; 3) Upgrade a move to Tier 2 (This one does not guarantee that this move will be in your deck - it increases the chances to have it in training though);

- Due to the above change all accounts will be RESET as they start the game for the first time - previous ascensions will be deleted; This is because the game now becomes much more challenging and we don’t want to spoil the challenge for you ;)


- Visual indicators for Chin and Grit damage are now improved to react on time of the move instead before it;

- Chin and Grit are now also shown in “Show me” button demo of the move;

- Sound now can be turned ON/OFF;

- Some minor bugs were fixed and hopefully the game is more stable now;



1.08_mmarivals.zip 35 MB
Jan 20, 2020
1.09_mmarivals.zip 35 MB
Jan 24, 2020
1.10_mmarivals.zip 35 MB
Feb 07, 2020

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